About Us

Sweet Cakey Thing.  All cake, no cr@*!  

How It All Started.

Let’s keep it real, sometimes being a Food Angel is down right boring and life is too short for it to not be fun…..

….and a big part of keeping the fun alive is looking after the body temple with enriching and invigorating foods, but there’s no need to be dreary about it. Right!

Kupkase & Co was created in 2013 with a dream to craft beautiful, WOW -some, cakes which tasted as great as they looked.

We’re passionate about providing desserts and artisan cakes for people who want standout, high quality, premium treats, oozing with flair and flavour. Our customers said our cakes look so good they didn’t know if they should frame them or eat them!  Some even picked up crumbs from the floor to keep the experience from ending!

We made creative kids cakes, stunning wedding cakes and sublime birthday cakes. Created for celebrity clients, market stalls, retail stores (Selfridges being a highlight); featured in books, received awards & accolades, did tv spots and events - we had a ball! And, as each successful cake went out the kitchen door, so the waistband on my jeans expanded until I had to put them down for good and swap them out for cotton rich jeggings!

For the sake of my health, something had to change.

That was when I discovered the wonders of a paleo - keto - plant based food lifestyle. Out went the calorie counting and in came a new found appreciation for natural, unadulterated, life-giving foods, which in turn reduce inflammation in the body, skin complaints, toxicity, the loss of excess weight and much more besides.


I was pumped, full of excitement and energy, which was great but, you know what…..I LOVE sweet, cakey things and not eating cake when I wanted was the hardest part of my journey to a healthier me. So, I figured -

“Hey, maybe Kupkase & Co can whip up something so that when a naughty craving strikes, there’s a treat to reach for which respects the way I want to eat.”

 And so Sweet Cakey Thing was born.  A fabulous cake dessert that respects a free from lifestyle. Ready to enjoy, in a recyclable glass jar. 

Our little pots of Sweet Cakey-ness are handmade in small batches and the cake batter is baked right in the jar, creating a moist and flavourful crumb, made with ingredients that work to actually nourish the body, unlike regular cake.

We bake with almond flour rather than wheat flour. Coconut milk rather than dairy cream and butter, and natural sugars rather than refined sugars or sweeteners; which makes Sweet Cakey Thing wonderfully free, from wheat, gluten, grains, dairy, soya, additives, preservatives and refined, white sugar.  All of this and, it’s simply delicious.  

Topped off with our incredible almond-cream and fresh-made sauces and curds, you’re in for a serious dessert moment which is pleasurable and fun. Not boring at all!  Pure naughty naturally, outrageously indulgence!

I hope you will find Sweet Cakey Thing, to be a great companion on your free-from journey, for those moments when you want something just a little sinful.

Love Kxx

Kasey Clarke

Founder & Cake Lover.